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Study and Storage for a compact living room

Study and Storage for a compact living room

This Study /storage  cabinets were custom built by CK to suit Mr. Alex’s unique requirement, we took up this project as a challenge and rest is history. Alex’s  ad-hoc requests during the course of this project were fulfilled, well we do think so ;)!

So for this project we went with the best quality Birch plywood,  the reason we wanted birch cabinets was twofold… we thought it would reduce the cost of the cabinets, and Alex loved the unconventional look of them. I have always been a fan of flat-front cabinets, but solid wood is tricky because of warping and cupping.  Veneer looks great, and  plywood is just a very honest and industrial version of veneer.  Especially with the edges exposed!

But, now when Alex has a study area quite like none others, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be delighted?

From a cost perspective, it turns out cabinets like these are actually a little bit more expensive than standard cabinets, the reasons for this were:

  • There is extra labour involved every step of the way.  Screwing the boxes together, finishing all the exposed edges, leaving the frame exposed, cutting out the handles, oiling everything by hand.
  • The Appleply plywood was more costly than standard ply, as well as an upcharge for NAUF glue.
  • Hardwax Oil isn’t cheap either

You can see in the detail shots the lovely striations of the exposed plywood edges.  The ends feel just as smooth and satiny as the fronts.  We decided on the cutouts instead of hardware because to me if feels very organic to have the handle integrated instead of applied.  The look is unusual for sure,  but that’s what we love about it!